January 24, 2011

Easy Shmeazy Pizza and Kamut Salad Party + ChocoLou

So I came to Toronto to attend an architecture conference, as evident by my Chocolate Roll Out Cookies + Gingerbread Cookies Post, and I’ve decided to stay. So many reasons to list off… but mainly what draws me to Toronto is… that the people here speak my language. I feel as if I started this blog in the first place to not only prove something to myself, but also have something to talk about that’s universally understood. And food, a food blog was a platform where I could talk and talk and talk and no one would stop me.

The world of architecture is surprisingly small, but the people that I know in Vancouver… don’t understand my dialect and experiencing an almost overwhelming number of people (950+) at the conference that knew exactly what I was saying and exactly what I was alluding to… really felt like a breath of fresh air and a load off my back. I don’t know what it is… but really, I figured out that I really truly need to be surrounded by not only the people I love, but the people that can relate to all that I’m passionate about. Food, Architecture and Music.

Oh don’t get me wrong, Vancouver’s beautiful, picturesque, my most favourite people in the entire world that I miss every day are there…. and Granville Island, as well as The Diamond…Burgoo…dang I miss Sunday nights at The Diamond… BUT it doesn’t cater to my line of work, my whimsy, my lifestyle…so yes. I am now blogging from Toronto.

So anyway… this was the first “get together” I hosted with a small group of friends in the New Year, and I was feeling especially nostalgic that day. I went to Church & Wellesley where I lived during architecture school…. and shopped for groceries at my favourite places: Reither’s, Super Freshmart, and last but not least, Pusateri’s.

 IMG_2440 IMG_2445 IMG_2471

I actually went in to ask each of the owners if I could do a blog post about each of them, and I suppose I should go back to see them now that I got a new camera….


I love Pusateri’s in particular because I used to make pizza all the time from the dough that they sell there for merely $2.39 a bag. Each dough bag can make about 2 small pizzas or one very large pizza… sooo I used that as incentive to make pizza during the weekend, and have it around to pack it for lunches during school… Now that I’m not in school and pinched for time to host that dinner… I figured. Hey, lets kick it school style!

I guess this is 3 blog posts in one. A Pusateri’s Review, a Easy Shmeazy Pizza as well as the Kamut Salad… but I suppose I’ve been M.I.A. for a while so this is warranted.


Not only do they have amazing staff, but they have top notch. I mean TOP notch produce and goods here. I have never seen such an extensive collection of utterly beautiful food just waiting to be turned into mouth watering deliciousness…. encapsulated in this one store. They have the BEST apples in Ontario, the best fine food products, FRESH basil that you can get by the bundle! One guy once wrapped it up like a bouquet and kneeled to present the most beautiful aromatic, basil bouquet I had ever seen on bended knee. Wow… if I weren’t a lesbo….

Okay we’re off track. Where were we. OH yes. Pusateri’s. I’m going to give you a rush of photos to explain how awesome this place is. I will do a “proper” blog post about Pusateri’s later, but in the mean time… these things are what make it amaaaaaazing.

IMG_2447 IMG_2448

I got this Champagne sorbet… Hoooo dang… sliced strawberries, A Fererro Rocher… MMmm…

IMG_2451 IMG_2452

The best place for sandwiches and soup. There’s this guy named Aaron there, he makes killer sandwiches.

IMG_2453 IMG_2465

See what I mean??? $2.39!!!! They’re nuts.                    You should drink UNSWEETENED soy milk!!

IMG_2456 IMG_2472

One of the best olive bar’s in town                                       I don’t know if you can see this… but they have PURPLE POTATOES!!!! (they’re purple even on the inside). Popular in Peru.

IMG_2458 IMG_2470

Alas, my 1/2 bunch of fresh basil…                                         These beautiful beautiful pears… oh how I could make delicious pie out of you…

My awesome friend Richy came to pick me up in his car…

 IMG_2478 IMG_2480

Richy helping me carry stuff!                                                The best house on the block… with the awesomest Xmas trees that mimic the pointed gable of the roof… It turns out (I found out a week or so later) that they’re architects that live in that house! Go figure, eh?



Put dough by the radiator on a cutting board so it can rise and put out snacks 

IMG_2503 IMG_2510

Chill your Gingerbeer                                     Wash the basil

IMG_2515 IMG_2518

Put the garlic butter out to soften

IMG_2531 IMG_2535

BBQ Pork!

IMG_2534 IMG_2537

Put a damp cloth down before you put on the cutting board to prevent slippage.


Base ingredients that go into the Kamut Salad

IMG_2539 IMG_2541

Put on a pot of boiling water. Turn on the FOOD network

IMG_2546 IMG_2547

Boil Kamut like it’s rice.

IMG_2549 IMG_2550

IMG_2560 IMG_2565

IMG_2567 IMG_2570

IMG_2573   IMG_2577

Leave a few longer julienned pieces for the pizza. Heat up the BBQ Pork and Roasted Duck.

IMG_2553 IMG_2554 

Set out Glasses… Leave friends to watch the Food Network while cooking…

IMG_2580 IMG_2579

Stir the Kamut now and again… Wash the basil.

IMG_2582 IMG_2585

IMG_2586 IMG_2590

IMG_2588 IMG_2591

IMG_2592 IMG_2594

IMG_2595 IMG_2596

IMG_2597 IMG_2598


IMG_2603 IMG_2606



The best zipper pull I’ve ever seen!!! Have friends stand in the kitchen with you so that you have some company.

IMG_2620 IMG_2623

IMG_2624 IMG_2626

IMG_2630 IMG_2631

IMG_2634 IMG_2636

IMG_2637 IMG_2639

 IMG_2640 IMG_2641

IMG_2646 IMG_2650

IMG_2655 IMG_2657


IMG_2670 IMG_2673


Uncorking my Mom’s Home Made Raspberry Rice Wine 2005.



  IMG_2701 IMG_2704

IMG_2707 IMG_2710


The true test of a well made pizza: Hold it up and the pizza should naturally droop without any of the toppings falling off.


IMG_2700 IMG_2703

IMG_2715 IMG_2720

We ate… we laughed… we toasted to a brand new year surrounded by old friends and new friends that I hope to keep around forever. 

Dessert??? My awesome possum friend, Laila, has a blog that she started not too long ago called ChocoLou. She makes amazing desserts focused around a woman’s favourite thing…. CHOCOLATE!

She brought over cupcakes and the icing for dessert! AAAAAAAAND guess what?????IMG_2723


IMG_2727 IMG_2733


She HAND MADE all of these out of sugar and gum paste…. Umm… Laila. You’re SO Chocolate Extreme Fudgetastically Talented!!!

IMG_2775 IMG_2780


IMG_2787 IMG_2804


GROUP PIC Sensored