August 20, 2011

The Food Truck Phenomenon.

With all the hype around food trucks and their magnanimous awesomeness, I had to go try a second time to go to the Food Truck Eats fest in the Distillery District. The first time I went, back in July, it was VERY busy, far too hungry to fathom standing in line and I got scared away. With Food Network shows like the “The Great Food Truck Race”, I suppose the novelty and creativity of a food truck has escalated from simply an ice cream truck to as elaborate as Pulled Pork and BBQ trucks, Wings, Pizza, Cupcakes, and the works! Recently, there was a featured food truck on TV called CoolHaus. A former architect decided to open her own food truck ice cream company with flavours such as “Frank Berry” and “Mark Macadamia” named after architects Frank Gehry and Mark Mack. Pretty cool, huh?

There great food trucks and I was very excited to attend this event!



Second Harvest and the Distillery had all these food trucks and vendors were there in a big orgy of yummy food!!!

IMG_8423 IMG_8424

El Gastronomo Vagabondo had an enormous line… so did Caplansky’s and I was pretty hungry… so I opted for Wingmee’s chicken wings! If any of you know me… chicken wings are my vice. A good pound of chicken wings cannot be passed up! So I tried half a pound of them with “Wingmee sauce” and yum! these were waaaaaaaaaaay better than Duff’s!

IMG_8426 IMG_8425

IMG_8427 IMG_8428

Alright, so I was taking it easy… decided to then have a chorizo empanada (too bad it was cold and a little dry)

IMG_8432 IMG_8433

IMG_8435 IMG_8437

Cooled down with a Stawberry, Basil, Lemon and Balsamic ice cream pop… nice and refreshing!


Had a chicken and pork bbq skewer Hawaiian style! It was so nice having luau music while waiting in line. 

IMG_8451 IMG_8452

IMG_8440 IMG_8444

I felt like it was time to have La Carnita. I have had their tacos before during their pop up Thursday at the design studio at King and Spadina, and I was itching for another fix. This time it was fish tacos or Chorizo. Oh man, I couldn’t choose so I got both!

IMG_8442 IMG_8445


IMG_8446 IMG_8450


Mmmm the fish was tender and flaky with a refreshing crunch of pickled cabbage. I could eat 10 more of these!

IMG_8453 IMG_8454

Finished it all off with a watermelon lemonade and a double chocolate ice cream brownie.


As much as I wanted to try the Maple Bacon Doughnut or a grilled cheese by Gorilla Cheese or a deep fried pickle from Caplansky’s… I was way too stuffed at this point. I’m definitely looking forward to next time!